We make websites

Designed & developed to your requirements

  • Your offering is unique, and your website should be too. We don’t use third-party templates or themes.
  • We include a comprehensive help section in your admin panel, so you can edit your site without relying on us. If you need us though, support is only a call away.
  • Optimised for your business and workflow, your site will include all the functionality it needs, without unnecessary distractions.
  • Your site will adapt to different size screens perfectly.
  • We don’t just develop a site and vanish. We stick around and make sure you know what to do to keep your content up to date. Your site will inevitably need some updates, tweaks or changes. We offer affordable retainers to take care of this for you.

Search Engine Optimisation, Performance and Digital Marketing

While initial focus is often on the look and feel of your site, SEO and Performance are crucial to actually get your site found. Our sites are always build to be optimised for both, when needed, we do offer further & ongoing audits and optimising services.

For some of our clients who don’t have the in-house knowledge, we have established a highly successful, tailored, combination of Google AdWords campaigns, Analytics reporting and SEO auditing and configuration. This ensures peace of mind when it comes to managing your online presence & sales.


Your requirements will be assessed appropriately before starting any project (link to questionnaire). Our expertise is in customising your website to your business, within your budget. Before we scope a project, we need to know your budget range. Below are some examples to give you an indication of what we do and how we price our work (in South African Rands).

R3 500 – R8 500. Set-up and landing pages

  • Domain registration
  • Set-up on hosting package
  • Homepage with contact details

R12 000 – R23 000. Startup

This generally suits a small business starting out on a budget. Enough to get you started, with plenty space to grow.

  • Content Management System (CMS) website, based on one of our own templates, adapted to reflect your business identity (logo and colours)
  • ‘Home’ and ‘About’ pages
  • ‘News’ section, with the latest news article or blog post on your home page
  • Contact form, Google business listing and map
  • Design of a primary visual – the large image on the home page for instance – either with images supplied by you, or sourced by us
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO) plugin with basic settings for Google-friendliness!

R24 000 – R45 000. Small business, non-profit and smaller e-commerce websites

Everything above and:

  • Basic customisation, up to three templates for different type of pages (product pages, portfolio section, staff-listing for instance)
  • Autopost updates and news to Twitter and Facebook
  • Weekly back-ups

R23 000 – R60 000. E-commerce, re-designs, schools, collections, or online publications

These are scoped, designed and developed individually. Budget depends on the level of complexity and project management involved.

Search Engine Optimisation, Performance and Digital Marketing budget

Maintenance packages range from between R1500 – R6000, excluding Advertising budget (i.e Google AdWords budget). For higher level AdWords campaign, (budget >5000 per month, we refer clients to one of our preferred partners.

Security & maintenance packages

Security oversight & controlled plugin updates

1. A locally hosted, offline, copy of the website will be used for plugin updates before updating the live site to ensure compatibility and minimise down-time. A security plugin will send warnings about potential hack attempts. Offending IP addresses will be blocked manually when they are identified & any necesarry updates will be installed. Small bugs will be fixed immediately. From R500 p/m.

2. Security oversight & controlled plugin updates & analytics, SEO and Performance checks

As per option 1, plus a monthly SEO & Performance check to ensure all settings are optimal and suggest any improvements as they come up. From 940 p/m.

Contact us to chat about your website needs.